CoNurse Content Management System


CoNurse allows effortless institution-specific content creation, providing users with the most relevant up-to-date support.

Hospital-Specific Content Management

Each institution can create procedures, define the steps and add media (text, audio, image, video) to each step. Feedback regarding each procedure will also be displayed. Additionally, institutions can choose procedures from all publicly available procedures.

User Statistics

Access to the CoNurse CMS will enable the institutions to get an overview of the overall user activity and engagement as well as statistics regarding each feature of the application.

Equipment Tickets

Equipment tickets are used to report equipment shortage or damaged equipment. CoNurse CMS allows to get an overview of the problems with equipment and mark equipment tickets as solved or rejected.


CoNurse CMS allows the admins to see the general public notes written by their users. Notes can, for example, include issues that users wish to report anonymously. Notes can be marked as solved or rejected by the admins.

News and Notifications

CoNurse CMS allows the admins to choose and add the news sources displayed to the users in their institution to ensure that news sources are relevant to their region. CoNurse CMS also allows to create and inactivate/activate notifications within the institution.


We provide the know-how. You create and manage your institution’s content.

Personalised Content

Create, tailor and manage clinical guidelines directly at your institution.

Tailored Support

Institution-specific guidelines and statistics mean customised experience for all users.

Point-of-care usability

Fully implementable to the point-of-care, complying with hospital regulation and hygiene policies.

Data Analysis

Safely collect and analyse data from all users in your institution, optimising CoNurse to your needs.