We are open to initiatives and inquiries for conducting clinical studies, as well as scientific and research projects using CoNurse and our prior experience.

Research Projects

CoNurse – Enterprise Estonia’s applied research programme has allocated funding to Cognuse. The allocated funds will be further used to develop the CoNurse platform.  The aim of the project is to expand the functionalities of CoNurse through developing a stochastic model which helps detect whether a nurse requires assistance to complete a procedure. The model will allow CoNurse to initiate guidance based on continuously monitored input parameters as well as previously set rules. For example, the model will consider the procedure’s complexity, the nurse’s experience and exhaustion levels, and a variety of other parameters.

 In order to map CoNurse’s present condition and model its future solution, the app is being developed in close collaboration with Cybernetica. Interviews will be conducted with nurses and nursing supervisors from different hospitals, such as the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States and the Bamberg Academy in Germany. The objective is to form an advisory board of nurses who will use their practical expertise to contribute to CoNurse’s future growth and give continual input or improvement.

The CoNurse project received a total grant of €561,165.75 from Enterprise Estonia’s applied research programme. The amount of the financing is split between Cognuse OÜ (beneficiary) and Cybernetica AS (R&D partner). The allocated fund will go a long way in accomplishing the aim of the project. The project already began in January 2022 and will conclude in December 2023.

Innovative Consent Service Development (INA) – project goal is to create a trusted consent handling solution for healthcare institutions and medical workers. INA primary goal is to provide trusted consent solutions for CoNurse, a smart solution developed by Cognuse, that allows access to all workflows of nurses from smartphones by voice recognition and offering smart support to medical staff. Guardtime’s role in project is to provide the solution for consent immutability. Thus, enabling all parties to trust the given consent’s validity. The real time clinical guideline management solution CoNurse adopts Guardtime’s Health technology and KSI stacks to preserve data integrity for the versioning and auditing processes while ensuring informed consent management from all participating users. The partners of this project are Guardtime OÜ and Cognuse OÜ.

INA runs until December 2020.This project is funded by EU European Regional Development fund through Connected Health Cluster.


Guideline Adherence and Management System. Cognuse White Paper. October 2019 version 1.0.

In this white paper, we describe how the Cognuse CoNurse application helps to overcome the shortcomings of checklist-driven and -dependent care quality improvement initiatives. In it, we:

  • Examine briefly why harmful adverse events occur, with a particular focus on understanding the nature of medical errors and their causal factors
  • Describe the potential and adoption of checklists as a “panacea” to resolve these errors
  • Summarise the factors that are limiting the adoption and usefulness of checklists
  • Explain how the CoNurse solution can address these factors by improving adherence to guidelines, and the need to go beyond checklist-thinking-as-solution alone
  • Provide an overview of the evolution, prototyping and experience of CoNurse across Europe