Skills Lab Bamberg adopts healthcare platform CoNurse as a novel solution for nurse training, safety and support

The usage of the platform will be reimagining instructional content creation and distribution via advanced consent, audit and authoring trails.

The collaboration on the CoNurse platform empowers healthcare institutions and nursing schools in decentralizing the content creation and distribution through a novel approach.  Guardtime Health API-s are utilized for immutable audit trails for instructional content generation (authoring) and compliance at the point and time of care. It also provides the nursing students with the power to opt in and out of the specific levels of engagement and metrics.

The cooperation with CoNurse offers us the opportunity to use a new digital learning platform where our students are supported during the actionable tasks in their learning process. As well within the Covid-19 context it gives them an excellent opportunity to access the information from remote locations and collaborate with each other with tools that are accessible and actionable in standard practice,” says Frank Feick, M. A., Project Manager Skills Lab Bamberg. At an administrative level, we are able to view the compliance metrics in detail for instance per specific nursing procedural level and make informed adjustments to the actual content,” he adds.

Guardtime is providing the solution for consent immutability. Thus, enabling all parties to trust the given consent’s validity. The real time clinical guideline management solution CoNurse adopts Guardtime’s Health technology and KSI stacks to preserve data integrity for the versioning and auditing processes while ensuring informed consent management from all participating users. “Flexible and reliable healthcare services need trustworthy solutions for data integrity and protection of people’s privacy and that is what Guardtime is offering – technology, that gives mathematical proof of the correctness of data, networks and systems”, adds Ain Aaviksoo, Chief Medical Officer, Guardtime Health.

“It is a great opportunity to work with SkillsLab Bamberg and Guardtime Health to implement the healthcare platform CoNurse in nurse training, safety and support. This is the perfect set-up to ensure the protocol adherence and deployment, which will definitely add value to all involved parties, “ concludes Karmen Markov, Senior Analyst at CoNurse.


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CoNurse (  enables actionable and accessible guidance for the frontline staff at the time and point of care. It empowers hospitals and nursing schools in offering evidence-based tailored content to their workforce, improving patient safety and compliance while reducing staff burnout and stress.


The Skills Lab Bamberg ( is the simulation and training center of the Bamberg Academies – Upper Franconia’s largest provider of education and training in nursing and healthcare. (


Industrial Scale Blockchain | Trademark GuidelinesGuardtime was founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2007 by a team of cryptographers and computer scientists. The initial goal was to support the Estonian Government to design and build a system that would allow information to be validated without centralized trust authorities. The invention, KSI replaces trust with digital truth – formally verifiable mathematical proof of the integrity of data, networks, system and processes based, without the reliance on keys, secrets or centralized trust authorities. KSI technology enables applications to be built with truth inherent in their design, delivering value wherever there is digital. More about Guardtime Health visit